Supa Shavings keep your livestock warm and healthy all year round

New Zealand suppliers of premium Pinewood Shavings

Made from untreated New Zealand timber, our kiln-dried pinewood shavings are of exceptional quality, providing a dry and deodorised rest area for your livestock.

The benefits of Supa Shavings...

Comfortable | Suitable for all livestock, large or small.

Absorbent | Keeps pens dry and clean.

Long -Lasting | Made from quality, New Zealand timber.

Eco - friendly | Pine shavings are biodegradable, making for easy disposal by ploughing them into your crop land.

Readily Available | Find us in-store at Farm Source and at other major rural supply stores.

Export Ready | All Supa Shavings products meet the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries’ export accreditation

Supa Shavings are a suitable bedding option for all livestock - calves, chickens, horses and household pets

Keeping your animals warm and healthy is the key to successful farming

Supa Shavings are comfortable underfoot, absorbent, long-lasting, eco-friendly, readily available at Farm Source and at other major rural supply stores, as well as export ready.

Supa Shavings Pinewood Livestock Bedding is suitable for a range of farm environments.

Keep your animals warm and healthy all year round by choosing Supa Shavings

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